Hotel Killians is located at Fort Cochin, which famous for its multicultural heritage.

Fort Cochin is located towards the south –west of the Kochi and it is also sometimes referred as West Kochi or Old Kochi.

Hotel Killians is a prominent Cochin Hotel, which is surrounded by at least dozen places of interest, which lures thousands of visitors to this city.. If you happen to dine and relax at Hotel Killians, then following are some places of interest, which may seek your attention –

  • Chinese Fishing Nets – These fishing nets are believed to be introduced by a Chinese Explorer named Zheng He. Chinese fishing nets are fixed to the ground and measure about 10 m in height. The nets are laid over cantilevers and large stones are suspended towards its end. It takes efforts of minimum 3-6 people for operating this kind of net. Every year thousands of tourists get drawn to its photogenic view.
  • St. Francis Church – This church was constructed in 1503, and it is considered as the oldest European church in India. Also, it served as the resting place of Vasco Da Gama (his mortal remains were kept here for fourteen years, since his death in 1524, before it was removed to Lisbon). Today, it hosts gravestones of some Portuguese sailors and also bears a cenotaph, which was erected in memory of warriors who laid their lives in WWI.
  • Santa Cruz Basilica – It is counted amongst one of the 8 existing Basilicas in India. This Basillica is located in the vicinity of the St. Francis Church and today it serves as the Cathedral church of the Cochin Diocese. In 1984, it was elevated to the status of Basilica by Pope John Paul II.
  • Dutch Cemetery – It is considered as the oldest European cemetery in India. This cementary was constructed in 1784 and bears tombs of 104 Europeans. It is believed that these Europeans were the people who elevated Cochin to its present form.
  • Princess Street – This Street encapsulates the essence of multicultural heritage of Fort Cochin. It is lined with shops, which sell artifacts and other traditional products of interest.
  • Jewish Synagogue – It is the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations. This Synagogue was constructed in 1568 by the Cochin Jewish community, popularly known as Malabar Yehudans’. At times it is also referred as Mattancherry Synagogue or Cochin Jewish Synagogue.
  • Dutch Palace- It is popularly known as Mattancherry Palace. This palace was built by Portuguese, and was gifted to Veera Kerala Verma in 1555 AD. The palace reminisces of traditional Nalukettu style of Kerala’s architecture and bears lots of murals.

The best thing about Hotel Killians is that it is perhaps one of the few Fort Kochi Hotels, which has proximity to all the above mentioned places of interest. Most of these places of interests are located within the vicinity of 50m -200 m from the hotel.

We also provide guidance and transportation to our guests to visit all these places of interest. For more details, feel free to contact us at -