The Hotel Killians – Commitment to the Environment

We strongly believe that “You can’t clap with one hand only”. Also, we are conscious that each one of us is responsible for creating an impact on the environment. Driven by this belief our management at the hotel has adopted some environment friendly measures

  • Water treatment through German water filtering technology and this water is available in all areas, even in the bathroom.
  • Rain water harvesting system – Rainwater is used for toilet flushes; this not only reduces the dependency on the regular water source, but also helps to manage the chores during water shortage.
  • Alternative energy source – We use solar panels to boil water for regular usage in the hotel.
  • Waste management and alternative fuel source – The hotel wastes are managed through bio gas plants, which also serves as the alternative fuel source.
  • Sewage treatment – We have adopted an environment friendly sewage treatment, which has helped us to keep the surroundings clean and healthy.

Environmental Friendly Suggestions to Guests

At the Hotel Killians, we have worked on some effective measures to minimize the waste and maximize the usage of available resources. Also, we expect our guests to adopt certain policies, which will help to reduce the harm on environment

  • Energy Conservation – Reduce the energy consumption by switching off the lights and fans while stepping out. Also, close the windows and doors if the air conditioner is functioning.
  • Encourage Local Produces – Fort Cochin is the melting pot of many cultures. Here you will find produces from all over the world and also some technologically doctored edibles. We request you to support local services and produces, and experience the flavor of Cochin, and Kerala.
  • Curb the Usage of Vehicles – If you wish to travel nearby places, then it is always best to go on foot. Many of the Fort Cochin places of interest are located within the walking distance of 50 m – 200m from the hotel.
  • Use Water Carefully – We are equipped with good water supply systems, still we urge guests to close the taps properly, after they are finished with the water usage. They should turn off the tap while brushing or shaving.
  • Avoid Plastics – We understand that plastic has inflicted more harm to the environment and this realization has inspired us to adopt anti-plastic policies. Whenever needed we use only environment friendly plastics and also more impinge is given on the utility of paper bags. We urge all our guests to reduce the usage of plastics and stick to the environment friendly paper bags.

If you feel there is anything else that we could do to reduce our environmental impact, then please feel free to contact us at relax